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Don’t Be Alarmed

What is the first thing I must do?
How can I help but pray …
To finally get this off my mind
Is it something I can say?
No, it’s not my last resort
To question what this meant,
Knowing I do have struggles,
Just where is all my strength?
I think I saw it coming
It was like an open door,
So I can’t be surprised at all
I’ve seen this once before.
With a constant search for perfect peace
I’m not alarmed to ask
That the all-powerful God I serve
Will help me through this task.

- Belenda S. Cypress

It Really Shouldn’t Matter

If I look into the mirror
And sometimes do not see
That person I want to look like,
Still, it exists inside of me;
Because I’m convinced I’ve blossomed
Through countless travelled miles,
I’ve concluded I have to laugh it up
And force myself to smile.
I am hoping this face inspires
Without decreasing someone else,
Because it really shouldn’t matter
When I laugh at my own self.

- Belenda S. Cypress

As a brand-new day begins for me,

I wonder what choices to make,

For I feel a special calming

As I lay here wide awake;

I have no worries anymore,

I won’t even question why,

I feel this peace has covered me,

I cannot help but cry;

A happy sob when no one else

Could reward me with this thrill –

It’s a gift of true compassion

From whatever my God has willed;

So, once I start to think of things

I pray will turn out right,

For now, at least, I’m pleased

I was kept throughout last night.

- Belenda S. Cypress

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